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march 2019 tornado in alabama

Help The Alabama Tornado Victims

Tornado In Alabama – March 2019 The tornado that went through Lee County Alabama on March 3rd was the most deadly tornado in the United States since the Moore, OK tornado in May of 2013. Our hearts are heavy and prayers are many for those dealing with the loss of…
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Hurricane Stories Through the Storms

TEAMS NEEDED, Serve those still devastated from Hurricanes Michael and Florence

The TV cameras are long gone from the Florida Panhandle and the Carolina coast, yet much of the devastation continues. A team from OH was just in FL last week (good timing with the polar vortex!). They were shocked at what they saw. Here some of them are with Sondra…
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california fires relief support
California DIsaster Relief Fires

No “Home for the Holidays”

No “Home for the Holidays” For Thousands This Year Thousands of properties, hundreds of thousands of people displaced, and worst of all now close to 50 lives confirmed lost. CitiIMPACT is preparing to send semi loads of supplies. All this on top of Hurricanes Florence & Michael in 2018 alone.…
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DIsaster Relief Hurricane

Many Missing; You don’t have to be.

Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest Hurricanes to hit the US ever. The devastation is hard to grasp, especially since the news isn’t reporting it. Even though up to 1000 people are still missing, even though an entire city no longer exists, even though thousands are without power, cell…
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florida michael-hurricane damage panhandle

Hurricane Michael – Disaster Relief

Michael: 3rd Strongest Storm Ever to Make Landfall Stronger than even Katrina, who comes in 4th. Michael made landfall as a strong Cat. 4 on October 10th. CitiIMPACT has sent millions of dollars worth of relief aid as well as teams assisting with recovery. Even now, 4 months later, people…
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CitiIMPACT is Responding Even in The Midst of Florence's Fury
DIsaster Relief Hurricane Hurricane Florence

CitiIMPACT is Responding Even in The Midst of Florence’s Fury

The firefighters above kneel and pray after being unable to rescue a mother and daughter when a tree fell on their home in Wilmington, NC. There are still days of flooding rain ahead for much of the Carolinas. Please join us in kneeling and praying for all in the path.…
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donate to hurricane relief supplies
DIsaster Relief Hurricane

Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies

Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies Donate supplies like food, toys, books… We provide semi-trucks that will arrive with water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, baby products, and food items. We even provide Rebuilding supplies for hurricane victims like“House kits” and/or building supplies that are available for qualified homeowners. Read…
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Team from WA State serving in TX this week.
DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane

Where To Volunteer For Hurricane Florence

Where To Volunteer For Hurricane Florence Ongoing support volunteers are needed for Hurricane Florence. How We Help People CitiIMPACT Ministries serves children, families & communities with HOPE, helping them overcome at-risk situations. We do this by forging collaborative partnerships bringing more resources together, multiplying efforts with sustainable impact. How You…
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Hurricane Florence disaster donations
DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane Hurricane Florence Uncategorized

Hurricane Florence Aims for Carolinas

Time is Now: Prepare, Send Help, Be Help. Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on the North Carolina Coast as a Category 3 or 4 storm early Friday morning. Besides the winds; storm surge and inland flooding are of major concern. Geospatial intelligence is playing a huge role in…
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Corporate Volunteer

Many Opportunities to Make a Difference – Your Part Matters

Long Term Transformation Team Forms in Puerto Rico: Under CitiIMPACT’s direction a group has formed to lead the recovery forward. It is made up of pastors, business owners, civic leaders, and hotel and tourism managers. They are asking you to join them in building back (literally, as well as economically…
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