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Disaster Training and Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness: Response, Recovery and Resilience

“It can’t happen here.” “It’s never happened here.” “It won’t happen here.” These are phrases we’ve all heard or maybe even said… They’re simply NOT true!

CHAOS of disasters can be managed, when a clear plan is in place and trained individuals are ready.

Since no disaster response agency can meet all of a community’s needs during a disaster situation, the greatest impact results from preparation and collaborating partnerships for response.

With multiple experiences in every phase of disaster response, CitiIMPACT will design and provide customized training with the needs of each church or organization in mind.CitiIMPACT is catalyst of HELP & HOPE… with you.

CitiIMPACT will work with you to discover:

  • Why the Church should be involved in disaster response
  • Where we start, first steps?
  • What do we do if a disaster hits our community?
  • Needs Assessments
  • Who are the players and what will their roles be?
  • How to prepare for & set up a command center, distribution center or volunteer center in partnership with CitiIMPACT.
  • Terminology, acronyms, and concepts associated with a disaster.
  • Assisting people in crisis without enabling
  • Recognize signs of trauma, post traumatic stress
  • Stages of Disaster and Recovery– What is your role?
  • Emotional Stages of Disaster
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Ministry in Diverse Cultural Situations
  • Forming a team to respond to disasters in your region
  • Interfacing with other agencies while Partnering with CitiIMPACT
  • The Christian Response to disasters; counseling and intervention
  • Long Term Recovery: Next-level considerations moving from Relief through Recovery to Resilience (costs are subject to how intense, numbers involved, and certifications desired)