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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure all team members and parents of youth coming read these.

Volunteers should bring towels, bedding or sleeping bags, pillows, personal hygiene items, shower shoes, clothes to work in (long pants are best for construction), sunscreen, water bottles, bug spray, ear plugs (snorers!), work boots and work gloves if you have them. Although basic tools are available (except at first response sites), skilled tradesmen (i.e. plumber or electrician) may need to bring some of his/her own tools. Based on what site you are going to there might be additional items.

No. You need to arrange your own way to get to the facility. Rental cars and vans can be leased at airports.

Please email your team information. This team form is found on the volunteer page. CitiIMPACT will contact the group leader and confirm the location and timing. Once numbers, dates, and location are finalized CitiIMPACT will send the team leader an agreement asking for 50% of your payment to reserve your spaces. . We can not confirm your spot until we receive your deposit. This is to ensure that you are serious about coming so that we do not have cancellations at the last minute preventing us from filling the spots. Final payment and individual forms are then due one month prior to arrival. Please note that contributions and deposits are not refundable.

Simply inform CitiIMPACT that you are not affiliated with a church, understanding that each individual must be guided by expectations and requirements common to all. You will not be required to participate in any prayer or worship times. Others will be respectful of you, we ask that you would do the same. During the Spring we do get many colleges on their alternative spring breaks and public schools. They have always felt welcomed and we are grateful to have them!

Youth ages 14-17 may come as long as there is a 1 to 5 adult (over 23) ratio. To work on construction sites the ratio must be 1 to 4 with the adult being skilled in construction. If you are bringing a youth group please make sure that the youth abide by the “buddy system” and groups of them are never left unsupervised even within a church building. This is for their own safety and not because of behavior concerns. Children ages 10 and up may participate at some sites if a same gender parent is present and that parent takes full responsibility of them at all times. Keep in mind some sites have even stricter age requirements.

Refer to age requirement above. Children 10-13 must be supervised at all times. Lodging is not available for families unless they bring a personal tent or camper (having approval ahead of time, as sites vary).

As team players, volunteers are asked to come with a willing heart and a flexible spirit. Things change quickly and you’ll need to be able to adapt as well as and abide by the system that is already in place to best serve the community. Respect should be extended to everyone, even when their beliefs, practices, or standards are different or unfamiliar. This includes respecting others property, space, and needs for sleep! We ask that noises wind down after 9:00 so those that wish to sleep may. There is NO drinking, illegal drugs, weapons, swearing, or pets allowed at any time or any place while you are with CitiIMPACT. Smoking is not allowed in any buildings, around the entrances to buildings, or around children. Please leave every area cleaner than you found it. Pick up after yourselves and don’t leave personal belongings laying around in common areas such as showers and dining rooms. If these rules are not followed CitiIMPACT reserves the right to have an individual or team leave immediately at their own expense without any reimbursements of contributions.

Each disaster situation is unique and messy.  Adaptability, full-day focused energy and a consistently positive “whatever-it-takes” attitude are key elements for each volunteer’s impact and personal satisfaction.  It will be rewarding, but it’s not a vacation!  Most details are not available until a week or so prior to arrival.  CitiIMPACT will try to match you up based on your skills, but this isn’t always possible.  Uncontrollable factors such as weather, available supplies, and where previous teams leave off make it nearly impossible to predict your exact assignments unless you are highly skilled or “adopt” a specific project.

After dinner, you are free to do group devotions and debrief as needed. Some sites have nightly services, these are not required for you to attend but you are welcome to join in. Some teams also choose one night to go out for dinner or go bowling, movie, or get a bigger picture of the local area. If you are planning to do this you need to let the site supervisor know so they don’t plan meals for you. Most groups tend to shower and rest up for the next day. Please return and get settled by 9pm so as to not disturb others. Again, Sundays would be a free day to do as you wish. We ask that all other days you are there you work the full day.