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Building Hope

You can build a home or a shed for a family who has lost their’s due to a disaster. This can all be done in a parking lot on a weekend, especially if you use sites online to design your shed with a plan before commencing the build.

  • Every participant has a part to play on build day regardless of age or ability. “Building Hope” provides many teachable moments to show the importance of service, worship, missions, compassion, and unity. The relevant shed site prep work will also be allocated to ensure that all areas of the build are covered.
  • These house and shed frames are delivered to a CitiIMPACT site where volunteer teams are ready to raise the walls. Our local church partners, through relationship, maintain the oversight of the spiritual and natural needs of the families receiving a “Building Hope” house or shed.
  • In order to build the shed it is important to have the right equipment. This involved deciding shed base options, the wall materials and whether there would be shelving or other installations within them. This may be something so small to you but it could mean a strong stable house for the individuals you are helping.
  • Hosting a “Building Hope” initiative in your community means “Building Hope” to another community… one family at a time.