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florida michael-hurricane damage panhandle

Hurricane Michael – Disaster Relief

Michael: 3rd Strongest Storm Ever to Make Landfall Hard to believe. Damage still not fully known.  What is known is that your help is needed now and for months to come.  We have supplies and cooking teams ready and staging and distribution sites identified. Resources are obviously spread thin as…
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CitiIMPACT is Responding Even in The Midst of Florence's Fury
DIsaster Relief Hurricane Hurricane Florence

CitiIMPACT is Responding Even in The Midst of Florence’s Fury

The firefighters above kneel and pray after being unable to rescue a mother and daughter when a tree fell on their home in Wilmington, NC. There are still days of flooding rain ahead for much of the Carolinas. Please join us in kneeling and praying for all in the path.…
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donate to hurricane relief supplies
DIsaster Relief Hurricane

Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies

Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies Donate supplies like food, toys, books… We provide semi-trucks that will arrive with water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, baby products, and food items. We even provide Rebuilding supplies for hurricane victims like“House kits” and/or building supplies that are available for qualified homeowners. Read…
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Team from WA State serving in TX this week.
DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane

Where To Volunteer For Hurricane Florence

Where To Volunteer For Hurricane Florence Ongoing support volunteers are needed for Hurricane Florence. How We Help People CitiIMPACT Ministries serves children, families & communities with HOPE, helping them overcome at-risk situations. We do this by forging collaborative partnerships bringing more resources together, multiplying efforts with sustainable impact. How You…
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Hurricane Florence disaster donations
DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane Hurricane Florence Uncategorized

Hurricane Florence Aims for Carolinas

Time is Now: Prepare, Send Help, Be Help. Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on the North Carolina Coast as a Category 3 or 4 storm early Friday morning. Besides the winds; storm surge and inland flooding are of major concern. Prepare If you are anywhere near the cone please…
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Corporate Volunteer

Many Opportunities to Make a Difference – Your Part Matters

Long Term Transformation Team Forms in Puerto Rico: Under CitiIMPACT’s direction a group has formed to lead the recovery forward. It is made up of pastors, business owners, civic leaders, and hotel and tourism managers. They are asking you to join them in building back (literally, as well as economically…
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DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane Missions


LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE DONE – 2017 Highlights 2017 was filled with devastating natural disasters from Hurricanes to floods to wildfires.  Yet, you touched millions of people with help and hope.  We at CitiIMPACT are so thankful for all who gave, served, packed meals, built houses, came on mission trips,…
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DIsaster Relief

Thank You To Our Community

Thanks for Giving This has been an unprecedented three months, with three major natural disasters, wildfires, and tragedy. Yet, we’ve seen the best side of humanity in the midst of the pain. You, our partners, with CitiIMPACT have been able to touch hundreds of thousands of people in need. Nearly…
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Busy, Painful, Yet Rewarding Month

Thanks to generous partners and supporters like you, CitiIMPACT has sent supplies valued over $12 million in the past two months to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico following unprecedented hurricanes and also to California to aid wildfires. Additionally, three Building HOPE homes are being completed in WV! Thanks to all the teams who…
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CUT OFF and Crippled after Hurricane Maria

Most of Puerto Rico, a US territory,  is facing a humanitarian crisis.  No electricity.  Bridges are out.  Some villages still haven’t been accessed. Hospitals unable to function.  Many are separated from loved ones and unsure if they are alive.   People are more desperate by the day as food, water, gas, …
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