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Rolling in Rolling Fork This AM!!

One of our Building HOPE houses was in the spotlight this morning on Good Morning America!

CitiIMPACT was instrumental in helping locals form a nonprofit – Rolling Fork Rising. JD Smith serves on the board to restore this town totally wiped out last March. We are focusing on previous renters, enabling them to be owners after taking financial stewardship classes. GMA and 84 Lumber gave $125,000 of product and funds. After it aired we had a call for another $125,000 donation! On top of this, yesterday JD met with a technical college who is going to do all the electrical work -for all 50 houses- for free!! We are on our way to 50 homes! Please help as you can through funds, bring a team or Building HOPE.

Thank you to all that have already gave, served, and built hope for Rolling Fork!

Donate to Rebuild Efforts

It’s that time of year again! When you donate to CitiIMPACT, your tax deductible contribution is multiplied at least 10 TIMES. That’s because we have a vast network of partners who offer gift-in-kind products, run on volunteers, and warehouses that allow us to store and redistribute supplies – greatly increasing the economy of scale. By giving to CitiIMPACT, you can make a bigger impact than ever before.

Year End Donation

In the memo of your donation consider earmarking towards: Israel Aid, Building HOPE Rebuilds, First Response or General Needs.

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