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Disaster Relief Index

Disaster Relief – USA – State By State

Here you can get a directory type listing for disaster information state by state. Under each index page will be listed a chronological history disasters as they happen along with resources for victims, options for volunteers and donations to those victims, and CitiImpact’s relief efforts for each disaster.

Volunteer & Internship Resource Pages

Want to volunteer yourself, your team, church or college classroom to come out and help people in need? Looking for an internship program with a solid non-profit organization? Volunteering for disaster relief is a hard but rewarding endeavor that can bring good team experience, develop a broader sense of compassion and responsibility.

Dollar Donations & Corporate Surplus Supply Donations

Whether you are just one person donating $20, a church or school organization donating group funds or a corporate business wanting to donate excess surplus and supplies for a tax credit, anything helps.  Check out how we were able to help the South Carolina Flooding victims by sending over 38 semi loads of supplies and food.

Child Sponsorship Programs & Donations Index

We currently offer a child sponsorship program for children in Liberia only.  Just a small monthly donation helps these children pay for school so that the kids grow up to be more educated and better able to take care of themselves and their family.