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Follow our vast response in TX, FL, and now Puerto Rico HERE. Please SEND TEAMS and GIVE

Financial Contributions

The value of all financial contributions to CitiIMPACT is multiplied at least 10 times through volunteer hours and gifts- in-kind. 98% of all donations are directed toward individuals in need. Your tax-deductible partnership with CitiIMPACT will make a powerful difference.

Donation by Phone

Enter your mobile number below to join our network of individuals who help people in need as disasters strike. If a disaster happens, we send out a message to all our volunteers and donation groups and you can easily donate over the phone.

Mail Donations

PO Box 605
Davidson NC 28036

Via PayPal

Paypal offers you ways to give through your account or just with a credit card.

Automatic Withdrawals

Automatic Withdrawals set up monthly. Fill out this easy form to begin quick and easy withdrawals every month to support CitiIMPACT.

  • Unless designated to a particular disaster or program all donations will be utilized for the ongoing ministry of CitiIMPACT.
  • Receipts will be mailed at the end of the year, unless you specify that you need it sooner. PayPal sends receipts on our behalf directly and  you will not get an additional one from CitiIMPACT.