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Donate To Hurricane Matthew

Florida – Hurricane Matthew Donations & Relief Fund

Sufferers of hurricane damage need instant help, transitional recovery help, and long-term resilience. CitiIMPACT believes that local churches, college students, and local businesses with an extra surplus for supplies are uniquely positioned to direct the way.

Forging partnerships with local communities and national, and even international donation teams or people, CitiIMPACT brings a calming influence organizational expertise, and resources from it its nationwide partners to really make a difference in others’ lives.

To donate via mobile, text “IMPACT” to 444-999

Hurricane Matthew’s Massive Magnitude

CitiIMPACT is preparing a multi-state and country response and recovery effort as the current forecast is calling for Cat 4 storm to hit the Florida space coast hard and continue to wreak havoc up FL and through GA and SC coastline with other states potentially experiencing damage as well. We pray that the course and intensity change, yet prepare for the worst; as we hope you are if in the path. Be safe. It’s likely that some homes will experience significant damage from this storm. Many homeowners will have their rooves damaged and will have to call on a roofing Company Colorado Springs or another similar company to repair them. Others will receive flooding damage as well as broken doors, windows and potential wall collapse, therefore it’s important to prepare as best as one can. Perhaps some homeowners would like to get in touch with a company like JAE Construction (go now to their website). They will be able to ensure that homes are strong and secure, giving them a better chance in the storm. Hopefully, that will minimize damage.

Supplies already on the ground in Haiti as they are currently dealing with the aftermath of Matthew. Humanitarian crisis on top of tragedy for this poverty stricken nation where over 60,000 were still in tents from the earthquake in 2010.

    CitiIMPACT has made contact with partner churches and organizations from Miami to Myrtle Beach. We have sites lined up for distribution, warehouses, the staging of teams, and cooking sites. We need more, as this area is so expansive and the exact areas of highest impact unknown. Who do you know? Get us connected, please. It’s best to do this before the storm hits as phone and electricity will likely be down for days in places.
  • SEND:
    Obviously, we need your financial support in all disasters. But especially one of this magnitude. Please GIVE. You can text IMPACT to 444999 for easy tax-deductible donation. Go online, or mail a check to : PO BOX 605 Davidson NC 28036. Inform your churches, businesses, and friends. Remember, through CitiIMPACT we multiply your cash donations over 50 times. We also need more gifts-in-kind donations. Prefer new, palletized donations in semi-load increments of water, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, building supplies, etc. Again, do not send used clothing.
  • GO:
    Let us know if you can bring a first response team. Initially, only adults who can take care of themselves in terms of food and shelter. Once volunteer housing is open we will broaden our criteria. Just keep us posted with numbers in your team, skills, and availability. Do not self deploy.

Join us in Prayer for the millions in Matthew’s track.


CitiIMPACT team

Hurricane Matthew, a deadly storm with maximum sustained winds of more than 110 miles per hour, was forecast to start inflicting significant rain and wind damage in southern Florida beginning late Thursday, and Georgia by late Friday. The storm was expected to intensify through Thursday, remaining at Category 3 or higher as it approaches the mainland United States. Read more

See more hurricane matthew videos at:

Ways We Give Relief & Help To Hurricane Victims

  • First Response Supplies
    Semi-trucks will arrive with water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, baby products, and food items.
  • Logistical Guidance
    Real-time coaching and support helps to establish communications, distributions centers, case management, and volunteer coordination.
  • Hot Meals
    Mass cooking stations, staffed by disaster response veterans , bring self-contained units with the capacity for more than 20,000 meals each day.
  • Team Development
    Following an initial needs assessment, roles are identified and coordinated according to skills needed within the community. Seasoned response members are brought in to assist and train the local leaders as needed as well as mission teams to help with debris removal, recovery, and rebuilds.
  • Transitional Recovery
    As urgent needs transition to longer-term recovery, collaborative relationships are developed among local leaders for greater effectiveness.
  • Rebuilding
    “House kits” and/or building supplies are available for qualified homeowners.

Individual Hurricane Volunteers & Groups Of Volunteers

Other ways to help become a volunteer to help hurricane Matthew:

  • Form a team to send to areas suffering from recent natural disasters.
  • Be a missionary without leaving home . . . Sponsor a Child in Liberia
  • Plan a FAITH & WORKS SUNDAY at your church where individuals can learn how to partner domestically, be prepared for a disaster, and/or make a difference in a third world country.
  • Plan a fundraising event (concert w/local artist, spaghetti dinner, talent show, golf tournament, etc.) where a presentation can be given about the needs and how they can help. Depending on your location and dates we may be able to find a guest speaker.
  • Skills in graphics, computer programming, data input, media, grant writing, fundraising, power point, marketing also needed at this time.
  • Connect CitiIMPACT to your business or other local companies. Larger companies often have matching gift programs, pay employees for volunteer hours, donate goods, or offer grants to charities for which their employees volunteer.
  • Bring Meal MANIA to your city.