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Meal Mania

Meal M.A.N.I.A. (Millions Are Needing Immediate Aid)

Opportunities for individuals, teams, and corporate sponsorships. Join us in a fun fast paced two hour shift  where meals are packed for people in need.

  • Up to 50% of meals can stay local. In partnership with local ministires and nonprofits serving at-risk children and families.
  • Domestic use in CitiIMPACT’s U.S. disaster response. Our cooking teams served thousands of these meals in the past three years after Sandy, Isaac, and the Moore tornado. We just added some veggies and/or meat and served it up!
  • Overseas. Partners in developing nations to reach school children and orphans in need. Without food in their belly it is nearly impossible to learn. Currently, the majority is being sent to Haiti and to those being persecuted and left homeless do to ISIS.

What Can You, Your Church or Local Organization Do?

  • The meals are designed to improve the health of malnourished KIDS & FAMILIES  in the USA & Developing Nations
  • These meals are assembled by Teams of 17 people – age 5 to 105 can participate!
  • Each person on a team will provide funding and two hours of their time to come and pack the nutritious food. (Business, churches and individuals can sponsor teams!)
  • This offers each individual a hands-on opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hungry children.
  • Provides a great team atmosphere for your church, youth group, business or civic club to make a difference.
  • Exposes your business, church or civic group to thousands of people from your community.
  • Is a tax deductible donation
  • For more information on bringing this to your city email:

How to Bring Meal Mania to Your City

  • Meal MANIA is currently available throughout all states in the East Coast time zone as well as: AL, KY, LA, TX, OK, IL, MO, and AR.
  • A host organization must be able to engage a minimum of 300 participants (if within 3 hours of Charlotte may consider less) to pack a minimum of 100,000 meals.
  • A host must be able to fund the cost of product and shipping (this can be done through churches, individuals, sponsors, and/or participants) Email for estimates. 1/2 is due in order to reserve the dates.
  • A facility the size of a gymnasium is required.