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A Busy Spring: 18 Building HOPE frames built

18 House Frames built by over 1000 volunteers in Alabama, Arkansas, and Ohio

In this world we have much trouble – natural disasters, war, hunger, poverty, sickness, division … but GOD is BUILDING HOPE. Yes, of course the people who receive the homes are filled with hope but also the people building them. Our Building HOPE team continues to multiply because HOPE is contagious! We now have over 30 people in our traveling team going state to state. Next up … Building HOPE communities in at-risk areas beyond those recovering from natural disasters.

Donate To Building Hope

CitiIMPACT has responded to multiple tornado events this year in MS, AR, OK, OH, IA TX, and LA through sending semi loads of relief aid. We continue to send aid to our partner in Ukraine as well. Thank you for continuing to give to make all this possible.

Send Relief Aid

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