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FIRE Destroys Lahaina, Maui

The scenes from Lahaina are hard to grasp. The entire historic district is gone, thousands of homes in ashes, a 200 year old church leveled, and saddest of all are the 36 confirmed deaths. CitiIMPACT has friends and ministry partners on the island ready to serve meals and distribute supplies. They need immediate help. The majority of the island is without power, stores are closed, tourists were caught unprepared. Obviously shipping supplies will not be effective time wise. With funding they can get supplies from the other islands. We are asking for you to join us by donating quickly towards this urgent need.

CitiIMPACT’s first ever volunteer team came from Hawaii after Hurricane Katrina and continued coming for years. They also provided pastors suffering from PTSD with a respite in their land of paradise. They lavished Ohana … might we do the same in their time of desperate need.

Donate to Maui Relief

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