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Hurricane IAN Updates

Hurricane Ian has been devastating to central Florida. CitiIMPACT and our partners on the ground are currently:

  • Serving in 12 counties with hot meals and life-saving supplies
  • Shipping 18 semi loads of water, hygiene, non-perishables, and cleaning supplies to CitiIMPACT distribution sites
  • Monitoring the impact throughout the Carolinas as Ian makes yet another landfall

This is a massive relief effort, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years. People are still awaiting rescue even in Orlando, over 150 miles from landfall. It may be months before power is restored. Homes and in some cases neighborhoods and even towns are decimated. Yes, times are tough for many right now given the current economy. We ask that you please dig deep and give to these efforts that are literally saving lives. You are the hands and feet of Jesus to those desperate for hope and help.

Remember every dollar given to CitiIMPACT is multiplied at least 10X through our gift-in-kind donations of goods and volunteer hours. For instance:

  • A semi load of supplies is worth an average of $98,700 and costs roughly $12,000.
  • A complete hot meal can be provided for just $1.65.

Help us get help to those in need

Hurricane IAN Updates

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