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Good News or Bad News First?

Let’s start with the good! There have been NO named hurricanes in the Atlantic yet this year, this is the first time since 1941! We will take it as flooding (MS, KY, WV) economy, inflation, ongoing war, and a major water crisis (Jackson, MS) seems to be more than enough bad news to respond to at the same time. Not to mention ongoing recovery/rebuild efforts in Eastern Kentucky. Even in the midst of all the “Bad News” we are encouraged to see “THE Good News” spread. You are needed like never before to continue to be the bridge of hope to those in need through your time, talents, and resources. See details of involvement and needs below.

Share THE GOOD NEWS NOW through your GIVING
JACKSON, MS – 180,000 are without ANY water (think drinking, flushing, bathing, fighting fires) until the water treatment plant is repaired. It has been in jeopardy of failing for years but recent flooding finally dealt the fatal blow this week. CitiIMPACT has 16 semi loads of water on the way to our partner ministries and churches in the city to distribute to the residents. GIVE WATER
Building hope homes in Mayfield, KY.

Building hope homes in Mayfield, KY

The houses built in OHIO in July are turning into homes for those that lost theirs in the devastating tornado earlier this year.

Eastern KY and WV floods.

Eastern KY and WV floods

JD just returned from visiting our partner churches in these areas who have experienced historic flooding. 17 counties were affected in KY and many lives lost. CitiIMPACT has sent over 25 semi loads of relief aid, furniture, and household goods to the two states.

WAR in Ukraine.

WAR in Ukraine

CitiIMPACT is helping to sponsor a ministry center in Ukraine! This will be in the heart of where our ministry partner is placing tiny homes, over 100 so far! The center will offer a place to gather, take showers, have church, distribute goods and HEAL. Yesterday, JD received a call from Pastor Sergey asking him to come to facilitate trainings for pastors in post traumatic stress, marriage counseling, and strategic planning for the seemingly insurmountable task of rebuilding lives and livelihoods even as war rages on.

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