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Meals and Aid to Turkey

Through your donations and in partnership with local churches and ministries, CitiIMPACT has provided hot soup, shelter, and immediate relief supplies to those in the most devastated areas. This includes the epicenter of Hatay (shown below), which is the location of Biblical Antioch.


Pictures of destruction in Turkey post earthquake

A Story from the Field

Just ONE of the many your donations touch:

Lena, a missionary in Turkey who is from Ukraine (let that sink in) shared with us some miraculous testimonies circulating from the Hatay area:

A 3 or 4-year-old girl was rescued from the rubble days after the quake. She was offered food and water but declined saying that she was fed by two girls who played with her until the rescuers arrived and then they left.

A practicing Islam woman shared the story of another child saying that a tall man in white on a giant horse was with them.

Be in prayer for Lena. She has served in Turkey for 20 years. This past year her home country has been plagued by war, her family scattered and now her mother is quite ill with heart failure in Germany.

Your financial support will help Lena and her teammates as they continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the desperate.

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