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HURRICANE IAN: Relief Aid and Hot Meals staged for distribution

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DIsaster Relief Flooding Hurricane Missions


LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE DONE – 2017 Highlights 2017 was filled with devastating natural disasters from Hurricanes to floods to wildfires.  Yet, you touched millions of people with help and hope.  We at CitiIMPACT are so thankful for all who gave, served, packed meals, built houses, came on mission trips,…
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Mark Your Calendars!

View in newsletter form We are thankful that there hasn’t been a major US disaster this year.  Even so, we must prepare and not let our gaurd down. Even so, many are hurting due to tornados, floods, hunger, and homelessness.  Even so, other parts of the world are in desperate…
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One Tiny Child, One Big Mission: Keep “Hope ” Alive  Read  and sign up to our email subscriber list. Lessons Taught By One Small Team & One Tiny Child Meet Zoey, a  tiny yet tenacious, soon to be 13 year old. What Zoey lacks in stature she makes up for in personality, attitude, determination, and grit.  Don’t tell this girl she can’t do…
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Open Positions: Are You The One?

Seeking Mission Minded Individuals: Regional & National Opportunities CitiIMPACT has openings for various positions at both local and national levels.  You could be one we need!  Do you sense God is calling you to something new?  Perhaps you are in a position that is not fulfilling and you’d like to…
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DIsaster Relief Ebola Liberia Missions

“We Have Nowhere To Run . . .”

Update: First US case of Ebola confirmed in Dallas. Yesterday a survivor of the Liberian civil war told me, “At least in the war we had hope that if we got to a certain place we might find safety.  Now, we have nowhere to run to . . . nowhere to…
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Why MOORE is better?

CitiIMPACT Mission Teams Respond Teams from CA and NC, making up over 50 people were in Moore, OK last week.  The highlight of the week was a cookout one evening; complete with pool, bounce house, crafts, and old fashion fun.  Five of the seven families whose children died at  Plaza…
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Ebola Outbreak: Our Kids and Workers in Danger

The worst African Ebola outbreak ever is spreading quickly in Liberia. Two US Medical Missionaries have tested positive for the disease and are being treated at ELWA Hospital (where Abraham works). CitiIMPACT Liberia Liaison, Abraham Dayepaye and family.  Besides monitoring welfare of our sponsored kids he also works at ELWA…
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Block Party / Cook-Out

  Block Party/Cook-Out: Surviving Siblings from Plaza Towers School Often the best healing and therapy for kids is simply play time;  a moment of “normalcy” to simply be a kid.  This is what CitiIMPACT is doing on July 16th  in Moore, OK.  Bringing together moments of carefree joy and fearless fun…
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A Story of Home from a Daddy’s “Haze of Grief”

One Year Anniversary  Oklahoma Tornado May 20, 2013 an F5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK.  killing 24 people including 7 precious children at Plaza towers elementary.  CitiIMPACT, it’s volunteers and partners, have been honored to walk beside hundreds of families as they grieve the loss of loved ones and homes.…
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CitiIMPACT Advances Resilience Efforts

LOOKING AHEAD TO NEXT FEW DAYS OF SEVERE WEATHER.  It looks like about 1/3 of the country from OK to NC have the potential to see tornadic activity.  Please keep a weather radio nearby and take safety precautions. If your area receives significant impact contact us immediately.  UPDATE 4/28: RESPONDING…
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