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We are thankful that there hasn’t been a major US disaster this year.  Even so, we must prepare and not let our gaurd down. Even so, many are hurting due to tornados, floods, hunger, and homelessness.  Even so, other parts of the world are in desperate need.  You may think there is nothing you can do.  There is!  We will bring the mission field to you.  Prepare and Build.  Feed and House.  Look below to see if there is an initiative near you to join.  If not, let’s bring it to your town too!
Millions Are Needing Immediate Aid

Join us in packing meals for those hungry in Haiti, ISIS persecuted regions, US disaster zones, AND for your local community.
We have three Meal MANIA’s planned in coming months, each providing at least 100,000 meals.

  • Charleston WV     July 17-19th
  • Charlotte NC         October 23-24
  • Myrtle Beach SC   November 7-8
Build Homes for those who lost theirs in a disaster. Frames are put together on a parking lot with local teams.

  • Frisco TX              July 24-26
  • Pittsburgh PA      Sept 4-6
  • Myrtle Beach SC  Sept 11-12 
Teams are still needed this summer and beyond.  Specifically in TX and OK from recent flooding.  
Would like to leave you with some wonderful pictures of families receiving food and Ebola aid from CitiIMPACT –  thanks to you, our partners, and supporters.

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