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Mission Field Comes to You!

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Frisco, TX and Charleston, WV served their neighbors and their world without leaving home. YOU Can DO It Too!


Meal MANIA  volunteers in Charleston WV, packed over 100,000 meals in July. These will go to ISIS persecuted regions, stored for U.S. disasters, and serve the hungry in their own backyards. “The most fun you will ever have in a hair net!”




Building HOPE volunteers in Frisco, TX built frames for three homes (in a day!) that will be completed by CitiIMPACT teams in disaster zones. All you need is a parking lot and about 400 volunteers (skilled and non).

Email us today to bring Meal MANIA or Building HOPE to your community. These are great ways for churches, schools, businesses, and civic organizations to come together to touch their city and world. Perhaps you’ve wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how. This is it; both fun and rewarding!

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