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Remembering Katrina: Impossible to Forget

Their Stories Became our Stories

This is such a struggle. Adequately memorializing the events, images, pain, people, and experiences during Katrina recovery is impossible within the confines of a newsletter.

In speaking yesterday to my dear friend who lost her home and nearly her life in Katrina, she said the onslaught of current news stories is like riding out Katrina all over again. We do not want to add to any pain.  Nor do we want to come across like “look what we did”.  In fact many are still living in that pain.  Another friend wrote that they hope to finally be in their home by Thanksgiving of this year.  They faced many setbacks, including the dreaded Chinese drywall.

At the same time their stories became our story as we were honored to walk beside them on their journey which was truly walking upon sacred ground.   Many of you also intersected on that road, offering hope and help. Their story became your story as you too, were forever changed by your experience.

Katrina was CitiIMPACT’s introduction to disaster relief.  We didn’t set out to do it.  It was entirely a God thing. There is no other explanation.  He sent teams from California and Hawaii that were on the ground within two weeks.  He had semi loads of supplies just show up, with just what was needed, at just the right time.   We made a lot of mistakes.  We learned a lot.  We met life long friends.  We saw the best and worst in people. Yet, the best was quite remarkable.  The Church mobilized like never before (or since), working together despite denomination to BE the church in time of unprecedented need.  What a beautiful thing to witness. So while we all hope and pray that we never see a Katrina again in our lifetime we are thankful for what it did allow us to see.

As you know CitiIMPACT continues to serve communities in disaster response, relief, and rebuild.  In addition, we can now bring that mission field to you to feed andhouse your own neighbors, those in disaster zones, and reach impoverished and war torn countries without leaving your own home.

Thank you for your partnership.

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