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Ebola Outbreak: Our Kids and Workers in Danger

The worst African Ebola outbreak ever is spreading quickly in Liberia. Two US Medical Missionaries have tested positive for the disease and are being treated at ELWA Hospital (where Abraham works).
CitiIMPACT Liberia Liaison, Abraham Dayepaye and family.  Besides monitoring welfare of our sponsored kids he also works at ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.  ELWA is where the government has set up the isolation center for Ebola patients.  
CitiIMPACT has many ties to Liberia. We began a child sponsorship program there three years ago. Through this we have many dear friends, like Abraham shown here.
Another CitiIMPACT liaison is Pastor Daniel, who serves with us in the Buchanan area. Daniel sent us a text that read:
“One patient arrived at the hospital vomiting blood. Nurses, patients, and everyone ran away. The patient left standing alone in the ER.  He died later that day”.
Please join us in prayer:
1. Ebola will stop spreading within Liberia and Africa and will not become a world epidemic.
2.  Pray for Abraham and the other hospital staff, missionaries, and aid workers who put their life on the line daily to help others.  May He heal those sick and protect all.
3.  Pray specifically for our sponsored children and their families.  May God put a hedge of protection around them.  If you sponsor one of these children, please be praying for them by name daily and send them a note of encouragement.  Fear and panic are widespread, as I’m sure you can imagine. 
Partner with us to send supplies.  Your DONATION could literally save a life.  Our first focus is educating and protecting the sponsored families and children.

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