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Why MOORE is better?

CitiIMPACT Mission Teams Respond
CitiIMPACT Mission Teams Respond

Teams from CA and NC, making up over 50 people were in Moore, OK last week.  The highlight of the week was a cookout one evening; complete with pool, bounce house, crafts, and old fashion fun.  Five of the seven families whose children died at  Plaza Towers Elementary were our special guests.This gave the siblings a safe private place to just be kids.  Even the adults were appreciative of a moment to simply be, without questions, interviews, or expectations to act a certain way.  There were many hugs, many tears, and many many laughs as memories were shared and made.  What an honor to spend this night with these amazing people and call them all friends.   Teams, staff, local church members, and caring Moore residents found this to be true . . .
 We Love MOORE &  Feel MOORE, as we Serve MOORE 
Growing MOORE Stronger & MOORE Better!
The teams worked closely with a few families we’ve come to know, building upon the relationships established.  The stories of how God has connected dots (from up to 10 years ago) is nothing short of miraculous (look for the video coming soon!).  
ARKANSAS TORNADO UPDATES: With partners such as The Arkansas Dream Center and New Life Church, they have come a long way.  Yet, much help is still needed.  CitiIMPACT continues to send supplies and teams here as well as Louisville, MS.  Even this past Friday four semi trucks of new plumbing fixtures (tubs, showers, etc.) were delivered to these locations to assist with the rebuilds!

CitiIMPACT affiliates are forming across the country.  These are typically comprised of anchor churches who wish to prepare their community for disaster, being ready to respond locally and regionally.  These churches recognize that disasters are occurring at an ever increasing rate and they want to be ready to BE the hands of feet of Jesus and not sit back and rely upon government entities.   Forming a CitiIMPACT affiliate in your area will bring you into
a collaboration of partners. 
Contact us today for further details:

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