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“They Are Not Going Away”


Disasters are not going away.  As you look at the news you see them increasing and the bible says they will continue to do so.  We have natural disasters and epidemics, as well as the current man made disasters: war, border crisis, terrorism, and abhorrent acts of evil.  It can become overwhelming to think about.  First, we are commanded to pray.  Next, we must prepare.  We, The Church, must be ready to act on behalf of those hurting and be a light in the darkness.  Let’s not abdicate our responsibility to the government or other agency.
Kirk Pankratz, Pastor Church of the Harvest, says of CitiIMPACT;  “They are not going away.  They are in it for the long haul.  That is the kind of partner I want.”  
“CitiIMPACT was the glue that held the coalition together” Dr. Tim Eaton, Hillsdale Bible College President.
See more of what Pastor Kirk, Dr. Eaton, and other leaders say about partnering with CitiIMPACT to prepare for a disaster and after a disaster strikes.

CitiIMPACT - WHY Partner?!!
CitiIMPACT – WHY Partner?!!


Ebola Outbreak in Liberia –
Most of you know we have had growing relationships in Liberia since 2011.  Over 50 children are currently sponsored through CitiIMPACT, that would otherwise not be able to afford attending  school.  Yet, now schools across the country have been shut down to curb the spread of Ebola.  Many who were working now can’t.  Surviving on their meager incomes (average is $1 day) was nearly impossible before Ebola as they still struggle just a decade into post civil war recovery.
CitiIMPACT has sent funds for purchasing food, bleach, and medicine but much more is needed.  This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference a world away.  Your partnership through prayer and giving will save lives.  As far as we know all sponsored kids and families are still healthy and we credit that to God’s hand of protection and the prayers of many.
Here is text received from Pastor Daniel yesterday, “Thanks for your prayers.  God has been keeping us. Death toll rising in our town.  Cases has passed 40 persons.  As I am writing my wife gets news of a friends death.  The interior has outbreaks in several places with scores of deaths.  Situation worsening nationally. Health facilities are skeleton in operation.”

Meal MANIA (Millions Are Needing Immediate Aid)- Meal packing event will be held Oct 24th-25th in Myrtle Beach.  We’d love to see you!  Special hotel rates available if coming from out of town.

Meal MANIA packs feed children in developing countries and following large scale disasters domestically.  Additionally, 25% stays local to the host community.  Looking forward to many stories of how Myrtle Beach uses these to reach those at-risk.  Contact us if you’d like information about bringing Meal MANIA to your community.

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