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“We Have Nowhere To Run . . .”

Update: First US case of Ebola confirmed in Dallas.

Yesterday a survivor of the Liberian civil war told me, “At least in the war we had hope that if we got to a certain place we might find safety.  Now, we have nowhere to run to . . . nowhere to hide from Ebola”.            
So it is with a heavy heart and spirit that we bring you these latest updates from Liberia:

  • One of our sponsored boys, Donnell,14; has developed Ebola.
  • Abraham, our main in country administrative liaison, had a daughter and 4 year old grand-daughter die in last few weeks.  His grandson is in the hospital.
  • Updates from on ground partners state that many areas have no clinics, no supplies, bury dead on their own which spreads disease, many new orphans.
  • Pastor Daniel was told by resident doctor, “The fight against Ebola is being lost”.
  • The WHO now anticipates up to 1.4 million cases by the early part of next year without intervention.
  • The recorded deaths are far less than actual.  There is no way to keep track.
  • People are dying from things other than Ebola for fear of going to clinics, lack of resources, and starvation.
  • Most people who worked before, now cannot.  Imports such as rice are down, as ships fear to stop.  Therefore, prices have soared.
You Can Provide Help & Hope:
CitiIMPACT has been granted clearance from the government to ship into Liberia.  We have donated food and supplies.  Each container is worth about $250,000.  Shipping costs need to be raised at approx. $10,000 per container.  As you can see your donation amount will be multiplied greatly.

CitiIMPACT’s CEO, JD Smith, has been asked by the Liberian President’s office to establish a comprehensive database for tracking cases and deaths related to Ebola.  This is a huge, seemingly impossible task.  Yet, we, with some key USA based partners skilled in IT, feel like we need to take this leap of faith.  Please  PRAY & PARTNER in this life saving, honoring, and memorializing mission.

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