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Relief continues for Harvey even as we Prepare to Stage for Irma

Relief continues for Harvey even as we Prepare to Stage for Irma.   YOUR HELP AND HOPE CRITICAL    PLEASE GIVE NOWThrough your donations over 35 semi loads of HOPE have been delivered to 8 warehouses, representing 100’s of churches in TX that are distributing. Like this church in Beaumont going door to…
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hurricane harvey

Harvey’s Havoc no match for YOUR Help & Hope

Harvey’s Havoc no match for YOUR Help and Hope Here is a bit of perspective on Harvey’s wrath: Some 300,000 homes flooded Estimated to be costliest disaster ever Record rainfall in a single storm Over 15,000 rescues Unfortunately at least 40 deaths. Thousands evacuated, most for weeks to come. They are…
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hurricane harvey victims volunteers donate

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Help Donate & Volunteer To Assist Hurricane Harvey Victims Harvey is bringing Houston, “The worst flooding in US History”, according to the weather channel. Over two feet of rain with that much or more to come. It is catastrophic. Thousands are awaiting water rescue and thousands more likely over next…
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HUMBLED by HIS HAND from HURRICANE to HEART ATTACK, HOSPITAL to HOME.  Personal account of HOPE & HEALING From JD and Toni Smith:  A little different update. Friday Oct. 7th – As we, our team, and partners monitored Hurricane Matthew, JD began having serious health issues.  We sent out immediate prayer requests…
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Remembering Katrina: Impossible to Forget

Their Stories Became our Stories This is such a struggle. Adequately memorializing the events, images, pain, people, and experiences during Katrina recovery is impossible within the confines of a newsletter. In speaking yesterday to my dear friend who lost her home and nearly her life in Katrina, she said the…
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Mark Your Calendars!

View in newsletter form We are thankful that there hasn’t been a major US disaster this year.  Even so, we must prepare and not let our gaurd down. Even so, many are hurting due to tornados, floods, hunger, and homelessness.  Even so, other parts of the world are in desperate…
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HOPE Goes Too Far

You can be part by: Praying, Sending, Going and Giving. Contact us today to connect be part of Bridging HOPE to those who need it. Blessings, CitiIMPACT Team…
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