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Distribution in Bahamas

Update: Sep 21, 2019
Distribution continues in the Bahamas

Distribution Continues in the Bahamas

Over 20 containers of medical, food, and relief aid. Select small teams of trained responders are being vetted now. Email if interested in serving.

Update: Sep 12, 2019

First cargo loads arrived into the Bahamas yesterday with many more enroute. Expecting 300,000 meals to arrive early next week as well as a semi load of medical supplies.

You can see the small boats in the first picture, they are getting supplies to take to other islands.

CitiIMPACT has secured THREE warehouses across the Bahamas allowing the capacity to redistribute in smaller increments to areas hard hit but unable to take quantities. This will also help stage throughout the recovery and into the rebuilding stages.

We are working to locate volunteer housing. Currently, that is difficult as 70,000 are homeless on the islands and need the space. However, some leads have developed that will not take away from the residents. As soon as we are able, we will let you know. First teams in will need to be trained in first response and/or medical teams.

A “tent city” has formed on hardest hit Abaco Island. We are serving this group with meals and care kits. Many tarps and tents have shipped but more are needed. Please give as you are able.

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