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Laura; What the news isn’t showing

The devastation from Hurricane Laura is extensive

  • Best estimates are a month without power and water in Lake Charles and quite a bit longer in areas closer to the gulf like Cameron.
  • Our cooking team came across a nursing home who hadn’t had food in days.
  • Oh, and remember (as if we could forget) … we are in a pandemic.

CitiIMPACT has teams on the ground cooking, serving, and delivering food to the hardest hit areas. Church partners have teams clearing debris and distributing the supplies we’ve sent. Thanks to your financial gifts, and our generous gift-in-kind partners we’ve been able to ship hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of relief aid.

Yes, the news is focused now on Covid, on riots, on politics; on so much that is hopeless, dark, and creates division. Let’s remember what unites us, remember goodness, share light, and bridge hope. Be the Good News like these folks. So honored to see people of all races and backgrounds come together to help, this really still is the majority. Please join in helping us help those who are suffering so greatly.

Give Towards Relief

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