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Unprecedented Fires: Entire towns are destroyed in Oregon

The West Coast is on fire; Northern California, Oregon, and Washington

The West Coast is on fire; Northern California, Oregon, and Washington

This hits close to home, literally; as Oregon is the home state of CitiIMPACT Director, Toni Smith. We are heartbroken for friends and family suffering such great loss. Over half of the state is directly affected from fire and/or smoke. Officials are suggesting that there will be significant loss of life as well as catastrophic loss of property throughout the entire state. Even still, the weather conditions have not let up. Excessive heat and high winds will continue for another 24 hours. Please pray for the winds to shift and the rains to come and of course for life to be spared. The scope is nearly impossible to comprehend. Oregon is on fire from North to South, from the Coast to the Cascades.

The nation is facing challenges beyond what we have ever seen. Historically, election years always equate to less response from volunteers and donors, mostly because the media doesn’t highlight the need. So now we have that combined with a pandemic, racial tensions, and topped off with great economic uncertainty. We implore you to dig deep. Use this as an opportunity to UNITE in a time where the news is bent to divide. Serve your neighbor in need. Your neighbor … whether he looks like you, votes like you, or even if he wears a mask or not!

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