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An IOTA in 2020?

Residents prepare for Iota in midst of devastation from Hurricane Eta
Residents prepare for Iota in midst of devastation from Hurricane Eta

Saying this has been a “hard year” must be the greatest understatement ever.

The needs from COVID have created a national disaster in nearly all communities due to job loss, illness, and mental health. In addition, we have had one of the worst years for natural disasters with record number of hurricanes and fires unprecedented in scope of destruction.

Through this trying year, CitiIMPACT has assisted hundreds of thousands of families who had fallen through the cracks with hot meals, relief aid (diapers, water, drinks, food, PPE, tents), and frozen chicken by the semi loads. Honestly, we ourselves have wondered how we’ve been able to do much of anything during this time with cash donations down significantly. Yet, God has been faithful. We ask that you join Him and us to serve those that are now facing the holidays with little resources, food, or even a home. Join with us as we partner with churches serving their hurting and devastated communities. Call it #GivingTuesday if you’d like.


Join us also in prayer and help for Nicaragua and Honduras. The strongest hurricane this season has just made landfall, only two weeks after Hurricane Eta devastated them (which was then the worst storm to hit the area since Hurricane Mitch in 1998). Eta left over 100,000 displaced, and over 200 lives were lost. Reports for Iota are slowly coming in, but it does not look good. Ironic as “iota” means small and insignificant, this Iota was surely the opposite. However, we believe that when you give what may seem like an iota, God will multiply it exponentially. We have seen that this year. So give your iota, your widow’s mite, your mustard seed faith, and just see what He is able to do with it!


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