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Are You Prepared for What is Coming?

The Peak of Hurricane Season Approaches: Are you Prepared?

We hope you have your personal emergency plan and supplies ready. We are in the midst of ours. Supplies are being secured. Cook teams and first responders are on standby.

CitiIMPACT typically ships 200 or more semi loads of disaster relief supplies per year. We are asking our partners and supporters to join the preparation efforts so help can be on the way quickly and efficiently.

These are items you can donate (in semi-load increments) by gathering and palletizing them. You can also fund a semi load of these for as little as $9500 per load. (Wholesale value will exceed $100K). This is a great investment in helping people in their time of greatest need. Of course, any donation amount is appreciated and will be multiplied.

Items needed:

  • Water
  • Drinks – flavored water, juice, sports drinks
  • Paper products
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Cleaning supplies – bleach, gloves, mold remover, masks, tarps
  • Nonperishable foods – peanut butter

More info here:

Disasters never hit at a convenient time. Let’s be ready to help ourselves and our neighbors.

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