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Donate to Send Water

ETA 5/29:
Now going on 14 days in a row with tornados on the ground somewhere in the United States. Our regional partners are keeping us updated as to the degree of damage to residential areas and if/where our services are necessary. Your donation dollars are needed to send water and relief aid to those devastated.

OHIO water plant shut down after a destructive tornado hit the Dayton area. Help us get water to those in need.

Assessing if hot meals and basic relief aid are also needed.

Ironically, JD and team were on route to Ohio today before the tornado to lead Building HOPE in Cincinnati. They will personally assess tomorrow with local partners.

As always, we covet your prayers on behalf of all that have suffered from this devastation. We also ask you to GIVE, to share this info, and to consider sending a team when safe to do so.

Thank you for Bridging HOPE.

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