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We have ALL BEEN EXPOSED …maybe not directly to the virus but certainly because of it.

Individuals, Business, Communities, and Churches are each vulnerable and exposed.  There are none immune to it’s effects.
  • Character – both good and bad . . . is exposed.
  • Fears . . .are exposed.
  • Who/What we trust in and to what degree . exposed (finances, position, government, God).
  • Greed . . . is exposed. (hoarding vs. sharing and giving)
  • Hypocrisy . . . is exposed.
  • Humanity . . . is exposed.
  • Hearts . . . are exposed and open to hear and see the truth and love.

Who we truly are is exposed for all to see.  When the layers are peeled away may “the fruit” remain at our core and may it grow and flourish even in this dark time.

Two weeks ago today, before most of these shutdowns followed, we at CitiIMPACT Ministries postponed all volunteer teams and redeployed them to love their neighbors. We have heard so many stories of you doing just that!  For instance, a church here in Charlotte asked a member who owns a sandwich shop to make lunches for medical workers on the front lines and included encouraging prayers.

Yet, we too are also struggling in this crisis.  Shipments of relief aid have slowed down to a crawl due to shortages created from fear and greed.  In addition our financial donations are at an all time low.  Even still, our hope, our efforts, our supplies, our help comes from God and we put our trust in Him. Join the prayer movement with us and partners around the globe:

In closing an encouraging word from Pastor Daniel in Liberia, who oversees our sponsored children there.

“Praise be to God for His great mercies toward His people!  We are glad to hear of the Lord’s  keeping hands placed over your lives. Remember, CitiIMPACT has been standing in the gap for countless people across the continents. What you fought to save others from – hunger, sickness, death- God will save you from. His grace will continue to be sufficient for you all.”   To this we say AMEN and AMEN.

As we continue to be distant physically may our hearts grow closer and stronger.

JD Smith
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