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How? We have never been this way before.

CitiIMPACT is once again responding with our partners to serve those most devastated by the Easter tornadoes throughout the Southeast. Yet, due to this worldwide pandemic, the “how” of our response is much more complex than any others before. Admittedly, we have had our moments of doubt. “Will people give in the midst of their own job loss, uncertainty, and cutbacks?” “How will churches distribute supplies?” “How will we keep everyone safe?”

Yet, we believe we are lead to “move out from our positions” and “step into the waters”. “Then you will know which way to go since you have not been this way before. But keep a safe distance …” Joshua 3

At this time, CitiIMPACT is still not deploying volunteer teams. It seems irresponsible to put our volunteers, churches, and communities at risk of further COVID-19 spread. Still, we are prepared to ship relief aid and supplies to our church partners who have the capacity to serve their own communities with safety methods in place. Please donate to send hope to these hardest-hit communities dealing with the loss of family and homes in the midst of trying to cope with the already traumatic events of this pandemic.

Undoubtedly, within our lifetime, there has never been a time of greater need within the USA. Let us move out of our comfort zones, step into the waters, maintain a safe distance, and see what He does for all of us. 

God’s not finished with us yet. The best is yet to come. Keep praying. Keep believing.

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