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Summer’s End: Bittersweet

It’s always a bittersweet time to see summer come to an end and the back to school routine begin. Exciting new adventures, challenges, friends, and stages await. Yet, the carefree days filled with simply being together are now numbered. We find ourselves savoring even the crazy noises and the messiness that a house full of kids brings, as soon it will be all too quiet and clean.

Caleb recently wrote to Isaac, the little boy in Liberia who he chose to sponsor. He said, “I have to go back to school in two weeks”. We told him he couldn’t write that! He didn’t really mean it as bad as it sounds but in Liberia school is a privilege, an honor, and something that is held in highest regard because so few get to go. They do not have air conditioning, rarely have pencils, desks, or even books. Yet, they know that school is one of the ONLY hopes they have for a future in this country with 80% unemployment. They take it very seriously.

There is an especially urgent need. This morning we received a call from the lady who sponsored our first 11 children. She has had a terrible

tragedy in her family and is not able to continue the sponsorships. She is heartbroken and fears she has let the children down. We need people to step forward quickly to stand in the gap for these precious little ones (hover over photos to see name and age, bios are available). Please pass the word on to your friends, family, churches and social networks.

For just $35 a month these kids can continue their education and have food for their family. More information HERE.


OUR FUTURE is the YOUTH, even NOW!

The youth of today are our future, whether they are in Liberia or here in the USA. This week we were inspired by these rising 8th graders who have taken it upon themselves to raise the money needed to start a school in Liberia! Our dear friend, Rosetta, shared with them about the struggles there. They will change the course of history – both for the children of Liberia and for their friends and family that hear of their selflessness.

Are you ready for school to start? What do you hope your children learn this year? What is your prayer for the children of Liberia and the world?

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