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Eyes on Isaac

8/27 UPDATE:  Isaac is now set to make landfall on August 29th near New Orleans on the day of the 7th Anniversary of Katrina.  While this is thankfully not looking to be a  Katrina, tensions are still quite high.  CitiIMPACT is staged and ready.  We’ve been in communication with some of the same Pastors, ministries, local officials, and even home owners (now dear friends and supporters) who we served in Katrina from Houma, LA to Pensacola, FL.  Our partners are ready to ship supplies should the need arise.  First response teams are on standby.  

We all remain on alert as Isaac inches closer to Florida and potentially the gulf states.  Isaac has an eerily similar path and time frame as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  We pray the destruction is limited and lives are spared.  Yet, now is the time to prepare.  If you are in or near the path, please do so.

We have assessment teams and relief supplies on standby ready to respond. Do you have a team ready to deploy if needed?

Thousands of such volunteers served through CitiIMPACT this past spring and summer!  College Alternative Spring Break groups, High School youth groups, skilled groups from churches and businesses all lent a hand.  Teams are still needed.  We encourage you to sign up early.  Currently we are taking reservations for: Joplin, MO;

Tuscaloosa, AL; Live Oak, FL; West Liberty, KY; and Henryville, IN through next summer.

You can make a difference and leave different yourself!


Thanks to all!  The above are a few examples of your service and donations at work!

Helping People Help People!

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