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Awaiting Isaac & Remembering Katrina


Isaac has made landfall and is ever so slowly dumping relentless rain on Southern Louisiana and MS.  Water is coming over levees.  Streets are flooded.  Folks have been rescued from rooftops in certain areas.  At least 12 more hours of pounding wind and rain are expected.  We are in constant contact with close to 2 dozen friends and partners in the region who are keeping us updated.  We’ll get that to you when we can.  Please Pray.  Please Give.  Please Go (skilled adults only at this time but can schedule others 3 plus weeks out).

Again, we are so thankful that this is not a Katrina.  Yet, the fact that Isaac, the first major storm to test the area since Katrina, is set to make landfall on the 7th Anniversary is putting millions on edge.  Traumatic memories are being relived, as they board up, load up, search for supplies on bare shelves, and wait in gas lines.  Please remember these precious folks in your prayers.

We spoke with a Katrina survivor yesterday from Waveland, MS.  Lynn became a dear friend to all of us.   Lynn can’t swim, she panicked when the water engulfed her home.  Her husband miraculously got her and their young grandchild to the roof where they waited for hours.  When the water finally receded they were days without food, clean water, or shelter.  Lynn can’t deal with the thoughts.  She reserved a U-haul and a hotel on higher ground.  Yet, Lynn also shared with me her good memories of Katrina.  All the people who came to help.  She said she couldn’t have made it without the CitiIMPACT volunteers.  They rebuilt her home yes, but the hope and love they gave is what really kept Lynn and Russell going.  

Up to 20 inches of rain is forecasted from New Orleans to Gulfport with slow moving Isaac.  That coupled with the near hurricane strength wind that is expected to be ongoing for upwards of 24 hours are real threats even if he never actually becomes a Hurricane.  

CitiIMPACT is prepared.  Trucks are loaded.  Warehouses are identified.  Partner churches in the region are communicating nonstop. Response teams are on standby.  Please join us in showing our friends in harms way the care, concern, and comfort of Christ in their hour of need.  

How you can Help:

  • PRAY
  • GIVE:  DONATE Now.  All money is multiplied nearly 100 times through our collaborative efforts.
  • GO: Let us know if you can form a first response team (skilled and over 18). Other nonskilled teams will likely be needed in the weeks to come.
  • Subscribe to this blog to get updates by email as they come available.

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