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Reports from Affiliates Across Gulf Region


Braithewaite way more water than Katrina.  Many homes underwater. Our affiliate, his church and the warehouse, are all currently fine on the other side of flood wall.

Reports as of 1:30 PM EST from Affiliates in:

Plaquemines Parrish:  Impassible in the south, electric lines down, water rescues.  Houses under 12 feet plus water.  West Bank and East Bank middle now also evacuating.  Have housing shelter/team housing available in upper East Bank.

Braithewaite: One of our main warehouse/housing facilities is in area where flooded.  Awaiting word as soon as it is safe to travel whether it sustained flooding and/or damage.

Waveland:  Storm surge and high tide pushed water up to tracks, nearly 2 miles inland, just a 1/4 mile from major partner church.  603 flooded. Still awaiting most heavy rain bands.

Houma:  Sheltering in place. Trees down.  Windows leaking.  Shingles missing.  So far so good.  

Supplies Enroute.  First Responders on Standby.  

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