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Onsite in New Orleans; Distribution begins

CitiIMPACT Founder, JD Smith, is on the ground through MS and LA this weekend.  While Isaac is “not a Katrina” there has been extensive damage to many homes and communities due to flooding.   Your help is needed as we work with our partners to help meet immediate needs of ice, water, nonperishable food, and cleaning supplies.  Please give a donation, consider a special offering at your church, or a fundraising event.

Click to view Distribution in Plaquemines Parish.  Still 5-12 feet of water in these homes, just yards away from one of our main partnering churches.  We’d just sent 4 semis of supplies there 2 weeks ago in preparation!

Assessment teams are also in LaPlace, LA distributing supplies to local partnering churches with collaboration. JD hopes to get there later today.

Teams will be needed in the following weeks and months.  Sign your team up now.

Click to view Pastor Rustin sharing of the need in Braithewaite.

Contact us today with how you are able to help.

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