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Special THANKS to our Amazing VOLUNTEERS!

This summer has proven to be a busy one, so much so we haven’t shared many updates!  We wanted to take some time to catch you up.  The following includes some reports on domestic disaster relief.  Our Liberia updates will come in a few days.

  • CitiIMPACT has had teams from every area of the US and even a team from Canada.  They have come from TX, Maine, California, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, and points in between to serve those hurt from life’s storms.

  • They have served on the ground in Joplin, Tuscaloosa, West Virginia, Henryville IN  and West Liberty KY.  Teams from colleges, youth groups, friends, and skilled construction workers have cleaned, painted, hauled, chopped, roofed, raked, moved, sorted, sifted, cooked, hammered, sawed, planted, played (kids in FEMA parks), prayed, hugged,  cried, listened, learned and ultimately changed both the people and areas they served as well as themselves.    THANK YOU!
Water delivery following Derecho that caused 250 thousand in WV to be without power in triple digit heat, some for a week.
  • Besides the above sites  we have been honored to coordinate semi’s of supplies also to TX, FL, OK, VA, MS, CO, KY and LA to assist in ongoing long term recovery.  All total an estimated 12 million worth of food, water,  baby supplies,  school supplies, cleaning,  health and hygiene products have been distributed.  THANK YOU to our ministry partners who make this possible!

The need is still great.  Here are some specific projects where volunteers will be needed through next summer:

  • Live Oak, FL   The late June flooding was epic, worse than ever recorded in the area.  This part of FL is among the poorest in the state.  Few had flood insurance as they were well beyond the flood plain.  News coverage quickly faded as the Colorado Fires were around the same time.  Some areas are still underwater a month later!  Specific need for work on this school in the coming weeks.  Keep in mind a FL service trip as well over Spring Break.
School Submerged
  • Henryville and West Liberty:  recovery ongoing since early spring tornados.  CitiIMPACT, through a generous partner, will be helping both towns build community parks.  Would you like to help build a park?!?
  • Teams will still be needed in Joplin and Tuscaloosa as well.

If you were on one of the hundreds of teams that served through CitiIMPACT, please share the highlight of your week with us on this blog.

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