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Follow our vast response in TX, FL, and now Puerto Rico HERE. Please SEND TEAMS and GIVE

Thank You To Our Community

Thanks for Giving

This has been an unprecedented three months, with three major natural disasters, wildfires, and tragedy. Yet, we’ve seen the best side of humanity in the midst of the pain. You, our partners, with CitiIMPACT have been able to touch hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Nearly 300 semi loads of relief aid have been delivered, over 50 containers have made it to Puerto Rico, much of which was delivered by ATV’s in areas inaccessible by anything else.

donate to disaster victims

Hundreds of volunteers have cooked, cleaned, mucked, hugged, and prayed. To this, we say THANK YOU! Here are some faces of those served in Puerto Rico this month, they too say, “THANK YOU!”.

Still Thousands Needing A Christmas Miracle

Many parts of Puerto Rico aren’t expected to regain power for over a year. The few hospitals still in operation are short staffed, unequipped, and hard to access.


Help to get all the aid we can to them before Christmas. Shipping and logistics are quite expensive obviously. Please DONATE towards continued relief.

Bringing Teams in the New Year. Currently a good size team is 6 to 12. It is difficult to house and manage larger groups quite yet. Medical and construction skills especially helpful. (Sites in TX and FL can manage larger groups).

Meet Mr. Tony

He lives in Big Pine Key, FL. His home was mostly destroyed in Hurricane Irma.

He still is without power and water is scarce. A CitiIMPACT team came this week and helped him remove debris. He was so grateful! Your help makes such a difference.

You can BRIDGE HOPE to others like Mr. Tony.

Giving Tuesday is coming up and we hope you will give towards continued relief and rebuilding.