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Busy, Painful, Yet Rewarding Month

Thanks to generous partners and supporters like you, CitiIMPACT has sent supplies valued over $12 million in the past two months to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico following unprecedented hurricanes and also to California to aid wildfires. Additionally, three Building HOPE homes are being completed in WV! Thanks to all the teams who have served, being HELP AND HOPE as well.


Devastation in Puerto Rico

No electricity. No water. Little communication: many must go 45 min to get cell signal. Little food and water. Streets are gone. Homes destroyed.

It has been a very difficult relief process, especially when we speak to the locals who are so desperate. CitiIMPACT has been able to form great partnerships. Together we have shipped many containers of relief aid as well as two trucks and trailers. Due to local partnerships we have the logistics in place to get these delivered into needy hands quickly and efficiently. The need will be great here for years to come. CitiIMPACT is committed to long term recovery efforts. Look for more information soon on bringing teams to Puerto Rico.

California Wildfires

Tragically there have been 41 deaths so far. A very long road ahead for survivors. Prayers with all who have lost loved ones and homes. CitiIMPACT has sent multiple semi loads of water and relief aid to partner churches in the area to help them serve in this time of great need.

Texas and Florida Teams

Thanks to the many amazing teams who have served in Houston, Beaumont, and soon to be in The Keys. Teams from as far away as WA state and even CANADA have given their time, talents, and shoulders to those picking up pieces following hurricanes. We anticipate a great need through next summer in all these locations as we will continue through rebuilds.  We encourage you to reserve your team spots soon as they will fill up quickly, especially if your group is larger than 15.

Welcome Home!

Three of our Building HOPE homes have welcomed their fa miles! These homes were built in OH last June and sent to flood ravaged WV. Some members from the same church were able to put finishing touches on the houses and meet the families last week!

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