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Spring and Summer Updates for Teams

Spring and Summer Service Trips Updates . . .
Scheduling through August and into the Fall now.   May has lots of availability.  June and July are filling up quickly.  Encourage you to act quickly, especially if you joplin bunkshave a group with over 20 individuals.
Skilled or unskilled:
  • Hattiesburg, MS –  Two semi loads of supplies have been given.  We are ready to take teams of 5-20. 
  • NJ/NY Sandy Relief:  Continue to need teams through at least fall.  Teams under 30 ideal. 
  • Laplace, LA (Isaac).  

    Can take up to 100 at a time at least through August.

  • Henryville, IN:  

    Teams up to 15

  • Joplin, MO: Teams up to 30
  • Tuscaloosa, AL:  Teams up to 25
  • Charlotte, NC:  Teams up to 20
 Skilled Groups Only:

Ben Elam House

  • West Liberty, KY – Teams up to 35. 
  • Remember a team is at least 4 people for a minimum of 3 work days (not Sundays).  Youth 14 to 17 need a 1 to 5 adult ratio.  Costs vary based on site between $200 and $280 a week per person.
DONATE NOW!  to help with all the needs, if you can’t go yourself.

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