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2 Things in Common: Myrtle Beach and Liberia


 We are so excited to announce this, we just couldn’t wait! Join us in celebrating what the LORD is doing! JD Smith and CitiIMPACT Ministries

There are many new developments to share with you concerning Liberia!The details are being hashed out but we couldn’t wait any longer to share with you some of the headlines!
GET YOUR PASSPORTS READY!!  We anticipate the need for teams in Monrovia, Liberia this summer to get our school building ready for students come September!!  Specific needs for those with construction experience and teachers. Let us know if you are at all interested as the details come available.  Also looking for teachers who would like to serve there for the school year.
CitiIMPACT’s Meal M.A.N.I.A. (Millions Are Needing Immediate Aid):Gearing up to pack ONE MILLION Meals at the Myrtle Beach convention center this October (World Hunger Awareness Month)! These will go to malnourished children worldwide. Including  Liberia; our school, the sponsored children, and further into the interior village regions (as we scout out future school locations where there are NO SCHOOLS at all).  Would you like to take part?  Can you facilitate such an event in your city?

bridgebrewSPECIAL OFFER:      CitiIMPACT’s own fair trade coffee, (Proceeds go towards starting the school in Liberia.) Now through April 30th you can buy 20 bags at $10 each, and get 5 bags FREE including Shipping charges.  Consider selling these at your church or workplace on or before May 11th – National Fair Trade Day! Form a coffee club at church or with friends, neighbors, and co-workers to share the 25 bags or keep them all to yourself!  Help us Help the Children of Liberia. To get you must email us or like us on FB and mention this offer.

ITEMS Needed for the School:

Hoping to send a container of supplies to Liberia in May or June full of:

  • Books and School Supplies (paper, pencils, crayons, etc.) for K-3rd graders.
  • Tables and Chairs (have a donation now near Philly can anyone store them for a few months and/or transport?)
  • Copy Machine
  • Computers
  • Generators (no electricity in Liberia)
  • Child Sponsors
  • Teacher Sponsors
  • Cash DONATIONS to purchase supplies and cover shipping charges
Info on becoming “Sister Schools” and “Sister Churches” coming soon!

Helping People Help People,
JD and Toni Smith
Blessings to all of you! JD Smith

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