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Puerto Rico Earthquakes; Answer the call for help

Puerto Rico Earthquakes 2020

Following a series of major earthquakes near Guanica, Puerto Rico, thousands of people are living in tents, even if their home was not destroyed, for fear of further quakes and unsound structures.

Living in Fear

You have the opportunity to help these folks. We have donations of relief aid (food, water, blankets, hygiene, new clothes) worth over $100K per container. Shipping costs are about $10K each. We currently have three containers that are awaiting funding.

CitiIMPACT was very active in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. We have continued to work with a core group of local leaders who desire transformation. They have been serving the southern area and report of how dire the situation is currently. They are ready to coordinate distribution efforts.

We have had some inquiries about sending teams to the region. That will undoubtedly happen. However, safety is a big concern. Once that is addressed, we will begin scheduling. The first teams may be helping with distribution in these camps. Feel free to let us know if you are interested.

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