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Many Missing; You don’t have to be.

Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest Hurricanes to hit the US ever. The devastation is hard to grasp, especially since the news isn’t reporting it. Even though up to 1000 people are still missing, even though an entire city no longer exists, even though thousands are without power, cell service, and basic needs … yes, even still the media has moved on. This has hindered response as donations of goods, funding, and volunteers are much much less than Katrina, yet damage is being described as “war zone” and “Katrina like”.

CitiIMPACT has points of distribution, hot meals, and sites for volunteer teams in multiple affected areas. Yet, they are missing you!

Please do what you can to spread the word of this massive need.

Please GIVE towards RELIEF efforts.

CitiIMPACT is so thankful to our partner churches and corporations who have given despite the lack of news coverage. Thanks to all the churches who have paid it forward after being on the receiving end of help. Because of your generous donations, millions of dollars worth of aid have been shipped and distributed. Thank you to Nestle for semi loads of water. Thank you to Johnsonville for a semi load of sausage that our cook teams are serving (feeding over 50,000 meals a day). Thank you to Meal MANIA participants and Feed the Hunger partners for packing and giving over 100,000 meals also cooked by our cooking partners Operation BBQ. Thank you to Best Buy for sending their employees who lost their store to serve with us until they can get back to work.

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