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Hurricane Michael – Disaster Relief

Michael: 3rd Strongest Storm Ever to Make Landfall

Hard to believe. Damage still not fully known.  What is known is that your help is needed now and for months to come.  We have supplies and cooking teams ready and staging and distribution sites identified.

Resources are obviously spread thin as we are still responding to Florence as well. We ask you to dig deep to help at this time both through GIVING and GOING.

florida michael-hurricane damage panhandle

Donate to Michael Relief and Recovery

Hurricane Michael Relief Supplies On Their Way

First semi loads are on the way to our staging and distribution site, a church partner in Marianna, FL. The pastor says that it is “Katrina like damage” all the way to where they are,  70 miles inland. His church members are all without power, hot meals, and many have even lost homes. Despite this, they keep asking him, “When can we help”? They aren’t asking for help for themselves but to help their neighbors.  Amazing. Let us help them so they can help each other!

From there we can also box truck in supplies and hot meals to the hardest hit areas. This site is also able to take first response teams now for those willing and able to completely be self sustaining, you will have shelter.

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