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Historic Louisiana Flooding

Historic Louisiana Flooding Volunteer & Donations

Once again, even as we continue long term efforts in other states including the #WVFloods where we’ve launched a process of rebuilding homes, and engaging partners to sponsor 3 complete homes for families who have fallen through all the cracks…but now..
our neighbors in the #LouisianaFloods are experiencing epic losses…and this event is far from done, not only in Louisiana but looming in Mississippi and South Texas, too.
IT IS NOT SAFE YET FOR OUTSIDE TEAMS TO GO IN TO RELIEVE WITHOUT HIGH LEVEL TIER TRAINING. Most people/teams who are trying to encroach are being turned back. There are always a LOT of good-hearted, well-intentioned people who get hurt or in the way. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY USED CLOTHING INTO THIS ZONE. We’re hauling it out of West Virginia to relieve the dumps and burdens it creates.

Over the last 10 months, there is data in the natural that shows a vast increase of natural disasters world-wide and in the USA.
Please Pray & Prepare. We would not have you caught unaware of steps to protect and provide for your own community.

As this Louisiana flood event continues to unfold, we’ve heard from many of you about your partnership already, Praise the Lord!:

Ways We Are Helping Louisiana Flooding

1-First PRAY for God’s mercy, grace & peace to invade & permeate the hearts of survivors; His generosity of provision to flow; His Salvation Plan for our country to be made known.
2-All money you DONATE makes a huge impact as we multiply resources thousands per dollar through our GIK partnerships.
3-Relief teams and Rebuild teams will be needed short and long term over the next months/years.
4-CitiIMPACT has staged 4 semi-loads of Relief Aid as of this evening to deliver as soon as we have truly safe passage.
5-We have on the ground scouts from partners and our own team assessing as best as possible.
6-IF you have an individual who wants to go and help, please DO NOT deploy them without affiliation. It’s very easy to become part of the problem unless you’re truly adept at the protocol.
7-We’ve partnered with churches within the entire region to establish posts of Relief Aid, and beginning our Long Term Recovery Process.

Louisiana Flooding August 2016

We’ll update you as the waters begin to recede, even as they’ll likely rise elsewhere this week.

Email to set up a good team deployment experience.
Email with any GIK in semi-load increments
See our website to make an online donation.

Contact me directly by text, email if you have a significant question that an email cannot address.

Thank you for your continued partnership and attention in helping hurting people.

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