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Super Typhoon Hiayan was unprecidented.  Some are calling it the strongest storm to ever make landfall. The death toll is still unknown, at least 2,500.  The struggle for the survivors is impossible to comprehend.  600,000 homeless, no food, no clean water and many sleeping next to their deceased loved ones.  We all feel helpless to do much, yet much can be done that will make a difference.

National Prayer Vigil  6:30 PM EDT Thurs. Nov 14th

Prayer is THE best way to help.  Join CitiIMPACT and many of our partners in ministry as we pray for the survivors, the local church, government officials, and our own ministries involvement.  We ask for your specific prayers for our new friend Bishop Efraim, who leads 
30,000 Evangelical Churches in the Philippines.  We have been working fervently to get supplies to him so these churches can distribute to those in need.  Multiple container loads of food, water, and relief supplies have been secured.  However,  we need favor with corporations and airlines to get it there quickly.  Time is of the essence. Shipping by sea takes 4-6 weeks.  Any connections are greatly appreciated.    
Collection of Supplies
We have numerous collection points across the country developing for both used clothes/shoes and new relief aid products.  The most exciting thing for us is that a number of these are in locations where we have been honored to serve in the past (CO, TN, MO, LA, NJ, AL, FL) and they are now “paying it forward” to help people a world away.  This is how Kingdom insurance works!  If you want more info on these collection places or how to create one in your city please email us.  We can drop a semi to you if it can be filled within 2 weeks time.  
More info is now available,email  for a pdf of the details.

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