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COVID-19 Announcement

Over the last 20 years, CitiIMPACT Ministries with you has served all 50 states and multiple countries, deployed nearly a million volunteers, fed tens of millions of meals, shipped supplies valued over 2 billion dollars, repaired and rebuilt literally thousands of families lives and homes.

Our shipments of Relief Aid and Long Term Recovery efforts will continue in Tennessee and the Bahamas through our collaborative partners and local churches.

We will be closely monitoring this disaster nationally and globally and keep you updated on our website as situations warrant.

Volunteers and survivors are the preeminent, behind Jesus, the focus of CitiIMPACT. That said, as our volunteer teams return home this week, we are suspending and postponing all team deployments for at least two weeks. This action is to protect both the volunteers and the vulnerable communities we serve.

Your financial support is needed now more than ever to keep these moving. Even so, we are also evaluating if any USA cities will need medical and cleaning supplies in the coming days or weeks.

Responsible preparation is our goal, not panic. We believe as leaders we must encourage safety at this time. The WHO has officially declared Covid-19 a Pandemic.

Many large conferences, concerts, schools, and universities are canceling and suspending gatherings. Likewise, I have been part of a decision with the John Maxwell Team to postpone an event in Orlando next week for 3000 attendees.

We have not a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind and strong faith. ​

When we feel it is safe to resume volunteer teams, we shall, by God’s grace. ​

Blessings! ​

JD Smith

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