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Operations Base in Louisiana- serving 10,000 daily

CitiIMPACT President, JD Smith, left over a week ago with clothes for three days (Hmm!).  Much has transpired in that time (please see pics on the bottom and here is link to video from operations base)  Allow us to share some highlights:

  • CitiIMPACT is helping to coordinate multiple sites in Hurricane Isaac’s wake. LaPlace, LA and Ocean Springs, MS and helping with a third Plaquemines Parish. With long standing regional and national connections, collaborations and partnerships we were able to mobilize quickly to be part of the solution.
  • 10,000 meals a day are being served at sites and distributed door-to-door   
  • 4,000 people coming to LaPlace site for distribution, counseling, meals daily (this used to be a Target strip mall – HUGE and highly visible to all)
  • National Guard and Parish police (many who lost their own homes) are onsite at our LaPlace base 24/7
  • Large national non-church agencies are asking CitiIMPACT for assistance and advise
  • A great collaborative effort including chefs, chaplains, multiple denominations, local parish and state leaders, military, volunteers, corporations, ministry partners, and obviously lots of folks praying!
  • Semi’s of supplies from partners, corporations, agencies, and people who just “heard this was where to go” are stocking the 40,000 square foot warehouse.


  • Awareness – the news has moved on to political coverage, meanwhile thousands are suffering.  PLEASE get this out to your social networks, church, friends, etc.  The need is huge: 15,000 homes are uninhabitable.
  • FUNDING – We have received many supply donations,  but need monetary donations for operating expenses (fuel, administration, electric, etc.)  Please see if your church or business will consider a special offering or donation to assist.
  • Supplies – Food, paper products, cleaning supplies, water, roofing, sheetrock.
  • Teams – 4 or more people for 3 or more days.  Specific skills needed: roofing, gutting, warehouse, mechanic, equipment operators, chefs, organization, counseling.  Over next 2 weeks have greatest need.  Waiving fees, just asking for love offerings.
  • Long term volunteers skilled in (warehouse management, case management, administration, disaster relief, team leadership, construction, etc.).  Must align with our statement of faith, provide references, skills resume, and have transportation.  Commit to 2 or more weeks.
  • Prayers – please pray for our ministry, our partners, health and safety of everyone involved, the folks who lost their homes, open hearts, pray for the families of those who are serving, wisdom, and provision.

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Helping People Help People!

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