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Tornado deaths in January 2017 surpass all of 2016

Your prayers and support are needed for those in Albany, Georgia (hit by two tornados this month) and Hattiesburg, MS. These towns are struggling to cope with 19 deaths this past weekend, clean-up, and recovery.  A four year old child was found deceased last night and a two year old boy is still missing.

CitiIMPACT is on the ground  setting up distribution sites and walking with local churches to lead recovery and bridge HOPE now and long term.  Three semi loads of relief aid are enroute today to both locations with more in works.

How you can help Bridge Hope to those in crisis:

  • PRAY
  • GO – taking teams NOW Albany, GA.  Can house up to 150.  Desperate help needed. Email today. 
  • SEND DONATIONS – as always your monetary support is critical and is multiplied over 100 times through our in-kind donations of supplies and volunteer hours.
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